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De 2de Adem

‘De 2de Adem’ is a chamber choir that puts focus on the performance of contemporary music. Since 2001 the chamber choir has been lead by Maarten Van Ingelgem. The name ‘De 2de Adem’, which means ‘the second breath’ or ‘the second wind’, is cited in the opera Aquarius by Karel Goeyvaerts (1923-1993), one of the most influential Belgian composer since the Flemish polyphonists. Hence, it comes without surprise that the choir mostly focuses on the repertoire after the 1950s. ‘De 2de Adem’ acquired a special place in the Flemish choir scene due to its ambitious programs including creations: 40 already in the last 20 years. The choir has always had a warm heart for young composers by offering them a sound board.


Kamerkoor voor Hedendaagse Muziek

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