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De 2de Adem

‘De 2de Adem’ is a chamber choir that puts focus on the performance of contemporary music. ‘De 2de Adem’ was founded in 1984 by Marc Michael De Smet. After him Philip Rathé became conductor. Since October 2001 the chamber choir has been lead by Maarten Van Ingelgem. The name ‘De 2de Adem’, which means ‘the second breath’, is cited in the opera Aquarius by Karel Goeyvaerts (1923-1993), the most influential Belgian composer since the Flemisch polyphonists. Hence, it comes without surprise that the choir focuses on the repertoire after the 1950s. ‘De 2de Adem’ acquired a special place in the Flemisch choir scene due to its ambitious programmes including creations and improvisation concerts.

In 2004 ‘De 2de Adem’ recorded music by Dietrich Van Akeleyen for the short ‘Beyond the lost star’ by Bert Blondeel. This animation film was selected for different film festivals in Belgium and abroad.

During concerts in 2005 the choir recorded 7 world creations. The CD ‘Creaties’ contains works by Lucien Posman, Petra Vermote, Nicolas De Cock, Natalie Goossens, Peter Swinnen, Filip Rathé  and Maarten Van Ingelgem.

The choir has also much experience in music theatre. Together with Karel Van Marcke’s jazz combo they performed ‘Mijn Kapellekensbaan’, directed by Anton Cogen. In 2007 ‘Die Horatier und die Koratier’ by Kurt Schwaen was staged at the Ghent conservatory. In 2011 ‘De 2de Adem’ was part of a fashion theatre project in St. Bavo’s Abbey.

‘De 2de Adem’ has also been collaborating with other ensembles, such as ‘Bl!ndman [4×4] sax”, with whom the choir performed concerts in Ghent, Drogenbos, Alost, Mölln (Germany) and Kopenhagen (Denmark) in the period 2008-2009. The programme consisted of works by the French composer Messiaen. During the project ‘Mind The Gap’, De 2de Adem collaborated with the choir ‘De Sangghesellen’ from Halle. Together they built bridges between old and new music. In 2011 the choir took part in a prestigious collaboration: with Le Madrigal de Lille, Les Compagnons du Champeau (Namur) and the Bruges symphonic orchestra Artis Dulcedo they performed the Stabat Mater by Poulenc. The choir is preparing a new collaboration with Le Madrigal de Lille for 2012 with music from John Cage and other American composers.

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